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What is OpinioAI?

OpinioAI is a research platform that uses AI language models to help researchers source relevant insights, data, opinions in a simple and scalable way; without relying on polls, surveys and other legacy methods.

At the moment what you see and can use is an MVP with a basic feature set where we apply persona traits over a vanilla model. Even like this, the model can provide powerful and relevant opinions to kickstart any marketing, product or social research.

We plan to expand the feature set to cover fine-tuned models, complex survey design, bulk answers, analysis and reporting.

Why is OpinioAI?

Because sometimes, to do your best, all you need is a simple opinion. Large Language Models (such is GPT-3), among other, are powerful statistical engines. This prowess can be tapped into and its engine used for synthetic sampling. That is to simulate humans and extract their opinions in detail and with nuance.

With OpinioAI we intend to further explore the possibilities of these AI models and how they can be used to help researchers to replace traditional data collection methods and work faster, easier and leaner.


AI Powered research platform

So you can quickly start your next project with relevant insight

OpinioAI Persona Builder

Define your buyer persona

Build your buyer personas in detail. Define their interests, dreams, frustrations and all the basic demographic traits. With personas, focus all your research and discoveries with the focus that is relevant for you.

Fabian Maume

Fabian Maume, Fractional CMO, founder of QAPop

“Being a fractional CMO means that I have a lot of different personas I am thinking about in my work. OpinoiAI‘s persona builder is a powerful tool for me to get to all those different perspectives that matter.”

Opinio AI Ask Away

Ask anything

Ask your predefined personas anything you like and they will respond with the much needed relevancy and focus you need for your research. Get insights to your specific questions instantly.

Lukas Mehnert

Lukas Mehnert, B2B SaaS Consultant

“In my work it‘s critical to test ideas, hypotheses across a variety of industries. OpinioAI‘s Ask Away feature is perfect for getting a different perspective on a challenge I’m dealing with or a quick validation of ideas I have.”

OpinioAI Evaluate content

Evaluate your messaging

Evaluate positioning statements, value propositions, USPs, pains, challenges and more—all from the perspective of your core personas.

Miroslav Jirku

Miroslav Jirku, Director of Product Marketing at Kentico

“As a Product Marketing Director one of my biggest tasks is to create messaging that resonates with my audience. OpinioAI provides me exactly that—super quick feedback and insights on my messaging, instantly.”

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